Sputnik releases Control Center 3.0, and hosted service: SputnikNet

The folks at WiFi management software and services company Sputnik have just released a major software and services upgrade. Sputnik Control Center is the easy-to-use, easy-to-buy software that allows you to manage hundreds of WiFi access points as a single system, manage access control, create and deploy captive portals, track usage by AP and user, set up network policies, and much much more. Check it out: there's a Sputnik Hotspot Kit for only $599. that includes Two Sputnik AP 160s and two Sputnik Control Center licenses. Makes it really easy to become a WiFi access provider, or to install secure wireless across a company or campus.

SputnikNet enables you to run a managed wireless network without having to set up or run your own server. With SputnikNet, you get a hosted Sputnik Control Center set up just for you. Just plug Sputnik-Powered APs into broadband Internet, and manage your wireless network. You can manage as many access points and wireless networks as you like for only $19.95 per access point per month.

Congratulations, Sputnik folks! Full disclosure: I'm a founder and advisor for Sputnik, so don't just take my word for it - go and see what others are saying. Daily Wireless has a good review, as does WiFi Networking News and WiFi Planet.