Technorati at the Republican National Convention

We are very pleased that CNN has invited Technorati back to provide real-time analysis of the political blogosphere at next week's Republican National Convention. I will be in New York at CNN's convention broadcast center at Madison Square Garden, along with Technorati's Richard Ault. Technorati will provide on-air commentary for CNN, and a daily update at, on what bloggers are saying about politics and the convention. We're really excited and looking forward to the opportunity to showcase the work of the great bloggers who will be writing about the convention and related activities.

Please contact me at or Richard Ault at if you have any comments or would like to let me know about something happening in the blogosphere during the convention! We'll be working our butts off to give you the best information we can.

Things have been extremely busy here at Technorati. We've had a lot of growth in attention and usage of the service, and we've also been going through a bunch of scaling problems. We've been working day and night to get bugs fixed and the service fast, stable, and reliable. We're not 100% there yet, but we're making progress. The past few weeks we've fixed some of the things that broke when we first deployed the Election Watch site. We want to continue to be of service to you, our users, and we take our responsibility to you very seriously. If you're experiencing problems, please send us feedback. I want to make sure we're being responsive to you. Thanks again for using Technorati, and looking forward to seeing a bunch of you in NYC!