Keyword search ads are live

Well, there's been a lot going on over at Technorati, and I've been so busy that blogging has been pretty light. I hope that I can blog more often as the summer continues.

Anyway, here's some fun news that I'm happy to report: Technorati has taken its first steps towards the business models that we've chosen: We've rolled out keyword search advertising on the website. You'll notice the "Sponsored Links" box on the right hand side of the results page on many terms that you do searches upon. This is done through a partnership we have with, and quite frankly, it is just a first step. There's a lot of improvements and changes that we want to make, and this is definitely a "crawl-before-you-walk" kind of opportunity, but it is a first step. For example, I want to have a system that makes it easier to do targeting (blog-based? topic based? authority-based?) and get better reporting. We're also really interested in your feedback - leave a comment or a link, or drop us a line at We are also working on implementing a lot of the great feedback we got at the developer's forum last month.

Oh yeah - if you're interested in seeing your ads on search results today, here's how you get more information.

Lastly, big kudos to all the folks back at the office, who made this happen - you guys rock.