Looking for a good portable DVD player for travel

Well, I'll be heading to Japan for a few weeks later in the month (I'm setting up some business meetings from May 26-29) and I'm looking for a good, relatively inexpensive portable DVD player for the trip. I'm really not an expert at this stuff, but I figured that some of you folks out there would be experts and could give me some recommendations on DVD players and reputable merchants. Here's my requirements:

1) Must be portable and have decent battery life (or an extra battery)
2) Must have a built-in screen
3) Must have a headphone jack
4) Should have speakers
5) Should be able to play multiregion DVDs (stuff I buy in Japan) as well as US DVDs
6) Should be able to plug it into a regular TV (NTSC) and display DVDs that way

I'd like to spend less that $500 on it, hopefully less than $300. Would totally appreciate some suggestions from you gadget mavens out there. I promise to post my review of the unit I purchase!