Quick analytics hack: Most popular products being discussed today

ETCon is great. There's lots of smart people here and a great conversation can be had by just bumping off the walls and running into people. I got into lots of conversations with people who were using the improvements we announced yesterday, and got some great feedback. One intriguing conversation was with John Battelle, who used to run The Industry Standard, is now at Berkeley and is writing a great weblog on the topic of search.

We got onto my fascination with Amazon.com's link cosmos - watching it refresh is like looking at what people around the world are buying and talking about. John challeneged me to make that more easy to understand. So, I put my thinking cap on last night and decided to build an example Technorati Hack - Most popular products people are talking about today. This uses the Technorati API combined with the Amazon API to get aggregate information on the products people are linking to on Amazon, in real-time, and then showing a combined view of the product picture along with the context from the most authoritative blogger who has posted about the product in the last 24 hours.

It is updated hourly. Props to John for the inspiration!