Revamped Blog design

I can't believe it - I actually had a few hours today to work on the weblog. There's been so much going on lately that just about the last thing that I've had time to do was work on the blog, write a new entry, or play with some new software (heck, I was still running MT 2.21!)So, enjoy the new site. I tried to keep things looking about the same, but there's a lot changed on the backend, and some new features available:

  • Technorati Integration (using Adam Kalsey's Technorati Plugin)
  • Snippets sidebar mini-blog, powered by, and some fun RSS hacking
  • ATOM feed, RSS 2.0 feed, RSS 1.0 feed
  • MT-Blacklist to kill off all that nasty blog spam. Man, it was getting nasty!
  • Disabling comments after the post is older than one week old. Sorry, if you don't like it, post on your own blog.

Anyway, those are just a few of the new features. I also put the entries into MySQL so it'll make a whole bunch of scripting/munging easier as well. I hope that this'll make it easier for me to blog more again, but I'm afraid that the bigger issue is lack of time. Soooo busy busy busy...