Vive la France!

I got a ping last night from some folks at U-blog, one of the leading French weblog companies, asking for a friendlier interface for all the blogging frogs out there. Best of all, they sent over all the internationalized HTML I needed to convert the pages for them. So, now you can see the French homepage with top 100 french language weblogs - seems like the French aren't using the high-priority indexer much yet, so only a few major weblog services are currently represented. I'm sure that that will change over time. Note to weblog developers: There's an XML-RPC interface and instructions on how to use it available as well.

To say thanks to the u-blog folks, I put up a special u-blog top 100 just for them. Kudos guys - working code is always the easiest way to my heart. Thanks Loic, for pulling it all together.