Hack your Metabolism

Salon has an article about Hackers on Atkins, and in a shameless display of self-aggrandizement, yours truly is featured in the company of uber-bloggers Cory Doctorow and Doc Searls. As my brother smirked to me in an email response after reading the article, "four overweight guys lose weight! stop the presses!", my response was to quote from Cory in the article:

"Maybe it will make us all grow third arms and go blind in 20 years," quips Doctorow. "It's sort of hard to tell. It represents a kind of hacker's approach, grounded as it is in jack-legged engineering rather than science."

The only other thing that I want to make clear about Atkins is that it clearly isn't for everybody. It is a radical change in eating habits, not well-suited for everyone, especially vegetarians. I can only speak from my own personal experience that it works for me.

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