Looking for dietbloggers?

I got pinged today by a reporter looking for people who are using blogs in innovative ways to help them diet. I know that I was inspired by folks like Cory, Glenn and Doc when I got started doing Atkins, but I wouldn't say that I was using my blog to help motivate me or keep track of progress or anything. It does seem that lots of other people are using blogs to talk about their diets, however. Searching through Technorati, I found 592 weblogs that mention "Weight Watchers" and 740 that mention "Atkins", for example. Seems natural, given that most of us feel comfortable to talk about our lives, and that's a part of our lives.

I remember seeing some group weblogs where people were reporting regular diet progress, and egging each other on. I know I saw some folks start a public bet with each other - $100 each in the kitty? - to see who could reach their goals. It is late though, and I can't seem to find the sites (yes, insert irony here). Can anyone send some pointers or links? Is the blogosphere seeing a new trend of dietbloggers? Got any great diet blogs or diet stories? Post 'em in the comments section, or drop me an email. BTW, I've dropped another 10 pounds since the last time I blogged about it. Feeling great.