Time for a physical - and a social software lazyweb request

beforeafter-small.jpgI've lost 50 pounds on the Atkins plan since November.  I feel great.  Take a quick look at these before and after photos.  Now, I want to go to a doctor and get a complete physical - both for health insurance reasons (lower those premiums!) and because it has been about 3 years since I've seen my doctor.  Well, there's the rub - when I called to make an appointment, they told me that he moved out of town.  Couldn't wait for me to call, I guess.  Frankly, I never much liked him anyway.

So here's my dilemma - I'm looking for recommendations of a good doctor or group in San Francisco that can become my new GP.  This is where the social software idea hit me - I'd love to go to a place like LinkedIn and make a non-work-related request - like finding a good doctor or dentist - and get back responses from my friends or my friends' friends. I know there are tons of good doctors in San Francisco, but this is the kind of choice that becomes so much easier to make if I can get a response from someone I trust - which is the point of these networking services, no?  I'm sure there's even a business model in there, perhaps something like the Meetup model.

So, dear readers, got any suggestions on a good doctor in SF that takes Blue Shield?  Submit it as a comment or drop me a line.