Looking for a few good web designers (3/31/03)

Here's a request for all you web designers out there looking for some extra paying work:  My brother, Micah L. Sifry, is looking for an experienced web designer who can help him set up a weblog for his upcoming book, The Iraq War Reader.  The blog will be Movable Type-based, so you've got to know MT's template and plugin system like nobody's business, and you've got to have an excellent design sense to create an effective MT site.  He already has a bunch of graphics from the publisher, so this shouldn't require a tremendous amount of design work, just someone to fit everything together and make it all seamless. 

This is going to be a great, timely, balanced blog that will gain the designer a lot of recognition.  He does have a small budget to get the work done, but this isn't a corporate gravy train.  Having said that, a good designer who can put together the basic design and translate it into the correct MT templates and style sheets can get some quick cash and some visible credit on the site. 

He doesn't need to purchase web hosting, a pre-existing MT setup or any other technical infrastructure, he's already got that handled.  He needs to find someone who is:

  1. Reliable
  2. Available (he/she's ready to start immediately)
  3. Experienced (list a portfolio, please)
  4. Capable of working within a fixed budget
  5. Dedicated to excellent work
  6. Ideally, physically located in NYC, but remote work is OK.
Drop me a line or leave feedback on this blog item and I'll pass the info on to him so he can directly respond to you.