Technorati Anywhere!

I whipped up a little tool this evening that I thought y'all might like.  It's called the Technorati Anywhere! bookmarklet.  What it does is simple - the bookmarklet opens a new window or tab in your browser with the list of links (and short excerpts) of people who link to the page you're viewing. It is a new way of instantly checking sources and finding out the credibility of the page you're currently viewing. If you don't like your browser opening new windows or tabs, here's a version of Technorati Anywhere! that shows the results in the current window.

It works with recent versions of IE, Netscape, Mozilla, and Safari.  The only requirement is that you have Javascript enabled.

To install it, do the following, depending on the browser you have:

For IE 5.5 and above users:

Right click on one of the links above, and then click on "Add to Favorites..."  Since there's some Javascript in the bookmark, IE will tell you that "You're adding a favorite that may not be safe."  Click OK, and you're done, it is in your favorites.
For Netscape 6 and above and Mozilla 1.0 and above users:
Drag the link into your bookmark bar.  Alternatively, you can right click on the link and then click on "Add bookmark". 
For Safari users:
Drag the link into your bookmark bar.
That's it!  I hope you enjoy it.  I like it better than the Technorati Sidebar I created a while back, and the instant gratification of being able to find out the Link Cosmos for any page on the web gives me a much richer experience.  I hope you enjoy it too  Send me feedback and leave comments below, I'd love to hearfrom you on its usefulness, bugs, new features whatever.

Update: Emmanuel M. Decarie sent in the update to get everything working with Safari.  Thanks, Emmanuel, that was quick!