Turning the tables on Total Information Awareness

Aaron Swartz writesabout John Gillmore's response to a SFWeekly article turning the tables on Poindexter's Total Information Awareness program. Gilmore's challenge? Find out everything in the public record about Poindexter, post it to the web, and publish it.

Ouch! Best use of comedic irony I've seen all month.

I don't think this kind of campaign should be done to anyone, but perhaps this will help to open people's eyes about what this frightening big-brother proposal can do to all of us. And it is pleasantly ironic that the person whose privacy is about to be invaded is the one who will run the program that can do it to us.

Long and short? This is an outrageous law, and it should be changed. We must wake up and remember that freedom and liberty are the very things that make America great, and are the things that we must hold most dear, because otherwise, the terrorists have accomplished their goal.