Interview with Blogdex creator

Kiruba Shankar has posted an interview with Cameron Marlow, MIT Media Lab researcher and author of Blogdex. 

5) Ok, I want you to be honest here. Forget you are the creator of Blogdex. Put yourself in the shoes of a normal guy who blogs. Now, between, Blogdex, DayPop and Technorati , which do you think is the best popularity index ? Why?

Well, each of these provides a slightly different take on the problem. As popularity indexes, Daypop and Blogdex have pretty much converged on a similar set of statistics, where the Daypop Top 40 probably has the more usable interface.

For me, the important services provided by each of these systems are more diverse than "popularity index" suggests. Daypop provides weblog and news search, Technorati focuses on giving webloggers their inbound links, and Blogdex is a historical index of link diffusion. As time progresses, I think that the tools and user interfaces will continue to diverge until each of them provides for a unique niche.
It's a good interview.  Kudos on Blogdex, Cameron!