Verizon announces WiFi-friendly DSL packages

Verizon marks a change of policy with its announcement today that it would provide an optional Linksys DSL+WiFi router as part of a special package designed especially for sharing a DSL connection wirelessly.  Andrea Custis, group president -- sales and marketing for Verizon Advanced Services said in a statement, "Verizon doesn't charge extra for every computer you connect to a router, or any additional monthly router maintenance fees, the way many cable TV companies and other DSL providers do."

Verizon seems to skirt the line around public use of their home DSL products, by consistently stating that the wireless access is for use within a single subscriber's home.  In addition, Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing points out that Verizon's Terms of Service specifically disallow resale or activities (commercial or noncommercial) that constitute resale of service, at Verizon's discretion.  Ben Charney at also wrote an article describing the new service.

Great to see a big carrier bundling WiFi into its DSL offerings, and explicitly stating that it can be used for home use.  Too bad they still leave things unclear when it comes to community wireless purposes.