Wired's cover story on Sky Dayton

Wired's cover story this month is about Sky Dayton and Boingo. It's got the usual fare about WiFi, how it is going to change the world, and how Dayton is poised to capitalize on it.  At the same time, it points out the challenges:

The trouble with the Hot Spot plan: It assumes that the students, bohemians, and cubicle dwellers who hang at the local Java Hut will shell out $75 a month, or even the $7.95 onetime connect fee. At that price point, Boingo is likely to attract only the wealthiest of m-workers — few of whom spend time discussing Hobbes' Leviathan over cappuccino and a maple-nut scone.
Sputnik is mentioned as a competitor, even though we aren't in that business.  Hey, any press is good press, I guess.