Thank you Doc Searls

Linuxworld Expo San Francisco was this week, and I had the privilege to host a good friend and prolific alpha blogger, Doc Searls.  Even though he works his ass off for Linux Journal, we still had time late at night and in the early morning to shoot the shit, and talk about things ranging from the future of Linux, Internet Radio, entrepreneurship, and how totally lame the show floor was.  It is actually kind of wierd - Linux has practically achieved our half-heartedly joked goal of world domination, but rather than exciting, it's actually kind of boring.  Kinda sad when the show floor is dominated by IBM, HPaq, AMD, and Intel, and no mid-sized companies, but hey, that's how it goes when a technology leaves the pioneering stage.  Still, I miss the quirky fun startups and their booths, like the Ximian jungle booth

Anyway, Doc added to his enormous karma by writing up his experiences with projectdocs, an online document management tool that I wrote last winter.  The place was flooded with new visitors today - more today than in the entire month of August so far - and I hope some stay around and use the service, and give feedback.

Thanks, Doc!