Robert Cringely is an idiot

Well, he's at it again.  Bob Cringely, after going out and making up a column earlier this year, he's decided that WiFi is dead, long live... HomePlug?  Hmmm.  OK, perhaps 802.11 wireless networks don't work everywhere, that's true.  And perhaps you can use a HomePlug-type device to act as a connection between WiFi APs on different sides of the house, but the fact of the matter is that 802.11 networking ain't going away.

Forget for the moment that 802.11 networking chips are already built into high end laptops, and that Intel is rolling 802.11 chips in its next generation of mobile chipsets.  Forget that WLAN shipments are up 15% last quarter, nah that stuff doesn't really mean anything, does it, Bob?

It almost makes you think that Cringely is just trolling for ideas - with the burden of writing a weekly column about technology, perhaps he's just hit the doldrums and is generating controversy just to generate controversy. (Thanks to Glenn for the link and initial commentary)