Related Stories patch accepted for Movable Type 2.2, Dave Winer's comments

I just heard back from Benjamin Trott, one of the authors of Movable Type, and he tells me that the new Google search (on both titles and excerpts) will be included in MT 2.2! Cool.Also, Dave Winer (glad you're back from the hospital, Dave!) posted about the Google hack in today's Scripting News. I'm glad that he liked it. However, he may have misunderstood what I was doing - my hack doesn't give you a Google-It macro that just puts a link to a Google search. Instead, it actually performs the search when you build the page, and puts the related links right on the page as well. This removes a step from the process, and more clearly adds context to each entry. In addition, whenever the index page is rebuilt (like when new entries or comments are posted), the Google-created links are updated, even for old stories. If Dave is looking for a Radio implementation of this, he should look at Jake Savin's macro.