Great post on Mahalo from Rich Skrenta

Great post on Mahalo from Rich Skrenta

Great post on Mahalo from Rich Skrenta

Rich Skrenta‘s got a great writeup on Jason Calacanis’ startup Mahalo. Great stuff in there. A snippet:

At this point though I’m thinking SEO has gotta be dead as a startup business model. It was kind of unknown stuff in 2003 but now the cat’s out of the bag. It seems like the last attempt of web 2.0 sites that aren’t able to get social adoption is to start flooding the Google index with tag landing page spam or a crappy template page for every restaurant in the country.

I disagree with what Rich wrote about Technorati Tag pages – most people who come to Technorati are coming organically or via blogs, and Tag pages are great way to give your readers a real-time aggregation of all the blog posts, videos, photos, etc out there on a given topic, which is a value to your reader.

But anyway, that’s a relatively minor point on an overall excellent post. Go check it out.

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  • By Jonathan Lapper 22 Aug 2007

    Hi David,
    My problem isn’t with tags (they seem fine to me so I agree with you there) my problem is with links showing up at all. I’ve e-mailed support five times with no response. I’ve had one high authority blog after another link to me (anywhere from 80 to 600 on the authority scale) and they rarely show up. My authority goes to 13 when one mysteriously appears then it goes away and my authority goes back to 11. At this point with the links to me it should be around 40. Is there anyone actually working at support and do they ever respond? Ever? Do they fix problems or just file the e-mails they receive away? I really want to know. I’m not trying to be harsh, I’ve just never experienced such shoddy customer support. Does your blog have the same problem? Let me know. Very curious.
    Thanks much.


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