April 27, 2005

Trying out Ecto 2.3 (With Technorati tag support!)

I just downloaded the new Ecto 2.3 and wow it looks nice. I am particularly impressed by the tag support, and looks like it has great integration with iPhoto, iTunes, and Amazon.com, this is getting really really nice.

Check out Adriaan's post, man this feels really easy and simple. I feel bad for all of you people out there who don't (or can't) use Ecto, nice nice nice.

Adriaan tells me that the tags I select won't show up in the preview mode, but by simply checking things off in the tags panel, the tags will be inserted at the bottom of the post. Let's see if this works.

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April 24, 2005

Audio from the AO breakfast on the New, New Media Market

William Luciw has posted audio highlights from Thursday's Always On Breakfast in Mountain View, CA. Thanks, William!


Scott Rafer, CEO, Feedster
Bernard Moon, Reality Media Columnist, AlwaysOn

Michael Moe, CEO & Chairman, ThinkEquity Partners LLC
David Sifry, CEO, Technorati
Nick Kingsbury, Global Sector Head - Software, 3i
Jonathan Abrams, Founder, Friendster
Andrew Anker, EVP Corporate Development, Six Apart
Christopher J Alden, CEO, Rojo Networks

April 23, 2005

Cover Story of BusinessWeek!

Hey, got a pleasant surprise when I saw the new BusinessWeek story called "Blogs will Change Your Business". Stephen Baker and Heather Green are two great writers, and they've done a great job of conveying the essence of the blogosphere to a lay business reader. And I've got a new blog to watch now, Blogspotting. There's some great conversation going on in the blogosphere about the article as well.

And yes, I got a picture in the magazine. ;-) Working with Timothy Archibald, the photographer, was a lot of fun, and it got me out of the office for the afternoon. Of course, all the credit goes to the great team at Technorati, I am so privileged to go into work every day and draft behind these folks.

April 9, 2005

Technorati launches Related Tags

Ever wanted to see what posts are related to other posts, what tags are related to others? Now you can! Just check under the Tag description on most tag pages, like this one, or this one, and you'll see the patterns. Can you smell the emergence?

By the way, check out what Jonas Luster has done to integrate Yahoo's term extraction service with tags. Awesome. Release the code, Jonas!

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April 4, 2005

One Billion Links! (And the winner is...)

Martian north poleOn March 31 at 07:59:35 Technorati tracked its billionth link. Technorati's one billionth link features high resolution photographs from the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft (one of the pictures from the site is shown to the right). The link came from a post on Low Red Moon Journal. I've just gotten addicted to the writing. Funny how serendipity happens!

Technorati is currently tracking over 8.4 Million blogs and at the time of this writing, 1,010,554,747 links.

Mike ManuelOn Tuesday, March 28, I announced a "One Billion Links Tracked" contest for our members to guess time and date we would track over one billion links. Mike Manuel provided the winning guess of March 31 at 3:01 p.m. Mike, author of the Media Guerrilla Tech PR weblog and a Technorati member since 2003, wins a 1 GB iPod shuffle, way to go Mike!
Steve KirksSteve Kirks, Product Manager of Radio Userland, was the closest guess on or after Technorati's one billionth link but due to UserLand's relationship as a Technorati affiliate Steve was ineligible for the contest. Steve will receive a Technorati t-shirt in recognition of his continued work on Radio UserLand. Congratulations, Steve!
Thank you again for continuing to write and share your word and we will continue to provide new ways to follow online conversations and be of service to our community.
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