October 29, 2002

Multihome sweet Multihome

I've just completed the server move from their old home in the basement of VA Software to their new home in Linuxcare's brand-new multihomed data center.  The servers are now physically and topologically closer to the office, and the throughput is better.  And another plus, these machines are now plugged into two different net connections, provided by different providers, and they are load balancing the connections with linux's new iproute2 package. 
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October 19, 2002

Werbach's Supernova

supernova_button.gifKevin Werbach's new conference, Supernova, is happening in Palo Alto on December 9-10, and I'll be there as a speaker.  I'm also looking forward to meeting the other speakers, including a bunch of people that I've never met, like Dave Winer, Cory Doctorow, Jeremy Allaire, Rob Glaser, Mike Helfrich, and others, like the inimitable Doc Searls, who I've known for some time.  I'm sure that the attendees will be very interesting and smart people as well, given that the topic of the conference is decentralization, and Kevin's interests in open spectrum, weblogs, WiFi, and Web services, some very interesting topics today.

October 10, 2002

Kevin Werbach on Wifi PBXs

Kevin Werbach notes yesterday on a killer app for Wifi inside businesses: Wifi-enabled PBXs. 
In other words, route their voice traffic within the company over the private WiFi network.  This would save mucho costs, and give the companies features and management capabilities they don't have today.
I wrote about this over a month ago, when TI rolled out a new lower power Wifi chipset.  An excerpt:
Most interesting about this product release is it signals the coming convergence of corporate PBX systems with cell phones.  Equip a corporate PBX system with VoIP over WiFi, and allow it to seamlessly roam to cellular networks when it is out of range of the corporate network, and you've got (a) a single device you can carry around with you that has one phone number, and (b) no cellular charges when you're within range of the corporate LAN.
Kevin, you're dead on - this will significantly enhance the capability and manageability of voice service, and it will also provide a very profitable business model for one or more carriers. Carriers now have a roadmap to a cost-effective service that incorporates the corporate PBX inside the office with cellular service when outside the office, all with the same phone number.

Verizon announces WiFi-friendly DSL packages

Verizon marks a change of policy with its announcement today that it would provide an optional Linksys DSL+WiFi router as part of a special package designed especially for sharing a DSL connection wirelessly.  Andrea Custis, group president -- sales and marketing for Verizon Advanced Services said in a statement, "Verizon doesn't charge extra for every computer you connect to a router, or any additional monthly router maintenance fees, the way many cable TV companies and other DSL providers do."

Verizon seems to skirt the line around public use of their home DSL products, by consistently stating that the wireless access is for use within a single subscriber's home.  In addition, Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing points out that Verizon's Terms of Service specifically disallow resale or activities (commercial or noncommercial) that constitute resale of service, at Verizon's discretion.  Ben Charney at News.com also wrote an article describing the new service.

Great to see a big carrier bundling WiFi into its DSL offerings, and explicitly stating that it can be used for home use.  Too bad they still leave things unclear when it comes to community wireless purposes.

October 7, 2002

Hacking Google, and a new easter egg

I've read a lot about the new Google pagerank algorithm changes, and I've certainly noticed some negative changes.  One that struck me especially is the search for "hack google", which used to have me as the #1 result.  I tried it today, and found something very interesting - a new Google easter egg!

Some more research shows some other Google easter eggs:

Swedish Chef
Elmer Fudd
Pig Latin

October 3, 2002

Has it been almost a month?

Wow, I can't believe that it has been nearly a month since I last blogged.  I've been extremely busy, both with Sputnik-related work, and AOTC.  In the meantime, there has been lots of new interesting news in the wireless space and elsewhere.  I'll be posting a number of items in the next few days.  In the meantime, I'll plug a few other blogs that have been, ahem, more consistent with their coverage - The ever-popular 802.11b Networking News (the title is misleading, Glenn reports about all types of wireless, but focuses on WLANs), Alan Reiter's blog, Werblog (which often has interesting wireless and technology commentary), and a newcomer's blog, Cyberfrost.net, an interesting news blog on the wireless market, focusing on 802.11.