February 18, 2002

Real Sucks

Boy, just when you think that Real may be coming round, yet again they remind you that they suck. Hey look, I'm all for companies making money - ya gotta do that - but the thumb-our-nose-at-our-customer attitude that just seeps out of the Real website sucks the big one. Case in point - go and try to get the RealPlayer player for Linux without using external resources (like Google). Go ahead. Try to get it. What, no search bar? Windows-only client downloads? No options? Yup. For those of you who just want it, here's the form.
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February 14, 2002

Hurray NPR!

Hurray NPR! I'm finally able to listen to the daily NPR programs that I often don't get to hear, like Morning Edition and All Things Considered - and the folks at NPR have made available via realaudio stream the shows right after they've finished their US broadcast. In other words, I can listen to today's Morning Edition at 9:00AM PST, right after it finishes playing on KQED, my local radio station. And through the magic of a linux box connected to my stereo and a great little program called trplayer, I can listen to realaudio streams without having to put up with those annoying take-over of your computer pop-ups that the current Real client imposes on people. And, since it is playing over my stereo, it sounds just like the real thing - I can't notice a difference. Now all I have to do is create a little cron script to auto play my favorite NPR programs on demand, and attach it to my MP3 web server. Thankfully, the NPR folks have created a logical URL system that I can put into a script. One more step towards having a RiVo - a TiVo-like device for Radio. I was wondering how I would do this with such a limited number of radio stations out there, but now I know - I can do it by recording streaming media onto a hard disk so that you can take it with you wherever you go and listen, just like an MP3 player. Imagine...
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