Technorati brings back charts and authority filtering to search results pages

AuthorityfilterAh, I'm really proud of the Technorati team. Richard and the team rolled out a bunch of updates tonight to the core search results that should make a bunch of people happier, as they are direct responses to a lot of feedback that we heard about from bloggers and regular users of the service. First off, doing a search now brings up a full list of posts, not just a select list of the top 3 tagged posts. We still default you to tagged posts (they're often more relevant than just keyword matches), but you can easily toggle between tags and full keyword information.

We also brought back the authority filter and the charts, and you can see them on the right hand side of the page. And yes Virginia, you can now easily set your default filter to whatever you like, and it is sticky between sessions (as long as you're on the same computer, of course).

In addition, now that our enormous server move is done from 365 Main to our new colo facilities, we're experiencing much better stability and performance. Of course, the ops team is still keeping a daily eye out for any nasties, but it feels really great to know that the worst parts of the colo move are now long behind us, and we can let them get sleep (occasionally). I'm really grateful they're around!

Keep up the great feedback and comments that we've gotten in the past few months - we're constantly on the lookout for any issues that might rear their head in the future, and having so many great bloggers out there to let us know about them helps the team enormously. My apologies again if you've been affected by a problem, glitch, or a bug. We're working hard to make that a thing of the past.

Onwards and upwards!

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Back from RIT. Great time, yummy ribs, some photos.

It was my first trip to Rochester, where I spoke at the RIT Entrepreneur's conference. It was a lot of fun, and the folks there really showed a lot of hospitality and rolled out the red carpet for me. The last evening, we went to a famous Biker bar / BBQ place called Dinosaur. Here's a pic of me digging in to the ribs:

Yum, ribs at Dinosaur - 4121.jpg
Thanks again to Vic, Liz, Eric, Matt, Lane, Richard, Meryl, Donna, and everyone else who made me so welcome.

Here's a picture from a short trip out to one of the finger lakes towns, and the pier on the river:

Abstract of Pier - 3919.jpg

I put up the entire set of pictures.

Here's one more that I really like, of the green green grass and maple leaves that are changing in color. I just liked the composition.

Leaves and Grass - 3915.jpg

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A New Leader for a Great Company

I admit it: I’m in no way impartial where Technorati is concerned. In my view, Technorati is a great company poised to achieve even greater heights.

So it gives me great pleasure to tell you that how we get to that next great place is now the job Technorati’s newest team member:

Richard Jalichandra, who begins work today as Technorati President & Chief Executive Officer.

This is a very exciting moment for Technorati. As you all know, we’ve been looking for someone to take the CEO mantle since my decision last spring to transition to a role on the board of directors. As Technorati moves from its start-up phase into its revenue stage, we wanted to find a seasoned leader experienced in scaling operations like ours. As the Board and I searched, we had one goal in mind: finding a highly qualified individual who would also be a great match to our culture and mission. So, as both Technorati's founder and now its Chairman of the Board, I feel confident saying that we've now found and signed that person.

I know that Richard is really excited to be at the helm of this company – almost as excited as we are to have him. He is our top choice.

Richard is one of those rare individuals with leadership experience across the media universe: as a client; running several agencies; at several large publishers; and at an advertising network. Prior to joining Technorati, he held significant leadership roles at Exponential / Tribal Fusion, Fox Interactive Media and IGN. Most recently, Richard worked on a variety of Internet media projects as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Battery Ventures, an advisory board member at and Pixsy, and as an M&A and strategy consultant for several other Internet media properties.

So, from now on, you’ll be hearing more from Richard than from me where Technorati is concerned. On a personal note, I want to thank our CFO Teresa Malo, our VP of Engineering Dorion Carroll, our VP of Marketing Derek Gordon, and, my fellow board members, especially Peter Hirshberg who has been leading our Conversational Marketing effort, for their stewardship throughout this transition. I expect great things from this extraordinary team moving forward.

Stay tuned!

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Gadgetoff was awesome

Many thanks to the Dubnos, who have turned a small get-together with their friends into a smashing event. I flew in on the redeye, so I was pretty tired, but it was great to see old friends as well as all of the great exhibitors and demonstrators. Really well done.

Here's the photo set.

On the way back, I got the shot below from the deck of the boat heading up the Hudson. What a beautiful night.

And I saw Rick Smolan, who is a WONDERFUL photographer (and a great guy) and he's going to come meet the small crowd already gathering for tomorrow morning's photowalk across the Brooklyn bridge. Can't wait!

See you all there over at 10am EST - Don't forget, we're meeting at the walkway entrance is next to the Federal Court Building in Brooklyn. There are stairs on Cadman Plaza East and Prospect Street or a ramp entrance on Johnson and Adams Streets. You can get there by subway: take the A train to High Street. Give me a call at 415 846-0232 if you're lost or are wandering around.

Downtown NYC at with full moon -3109.jpg

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Photowalk over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan this Saturday, 9/29/2007 10AM

Brooklyn Bridge, by Lab2112

Come join me and a bunch of folks who are getting together this Saturday for a photowalk across the Brookyn Bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan, and the continued with lunch, and a stroll around the lower east side. Saturday looks to be a beautiful day (current forecast says Sunny, Highs of 75 degrees) so I'm sure we'll have a great time and get lots of great photos.

Details (including RSVP):

Where: We're meeting at the walkway entrance is next to the Federal Court Building in Brooklyn. There are stairs on Cadman Plaza East and Prospect Street or a ramp entrance on Johnson and Adams Streets. You can get there by subway: take the A train to High Street. Give me a call at 415 846-0232 if you're lost or are wandering around.

When: 10AM on Satuday September 29th. We'll grab some lunch afterwards when we get to the Manhattan side, so all in all the walk will probably end around 2PM.

What to bring: Bring yourself, and whatever you like to record the moment - camera, video camera, or your friendly instamatic! All experience levels are a-ok, from beginner to expert pro.